Translation and Openness


Peter Sandrini, Marta García González (eds.)

innsbruck university press.
210 pages. ISBN 978-3-902936-88-2,
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Thinking about openness and implementing openness in our attitudes and actions have considerable bearing on our conception of ourselves as translators or researchers. Openness indeed questions the very role of translated texts, multilingual translation resources, the ethics of translators, their professional behavior, the self-conception of academics and researchers, as well as the role and availability of research results in society. It therefore constitutes one of the most stimulating challenges that the world of professional translation and translation studies have yet faced.

The contributions to this volume review some of these topics in three thematic sections: the first and most substantial part deals with the concept of openness in ICT (open data, open tools, open computer systems, and quality evaluation of open software), the middle part is concerned with translators training and the use of open software, and the last part discusses openness in academia on the basis of the concepts of a Scientist 2.0 and Digital Scholarship. An exhaustive list of references covering the topic is given as an appendix, as well as a keyword index.


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Translation and Openness: an Introduction
Marta Garcia Gonzalez, Peter Sandrini, intro.pdf 121k, DOI: 10.15203/2936-88-2-1
Unforeseen Consequences: Big Data and the Language Industry
Philipp B. Neubauer, neubauer.pdf 360k, DOI: 10.15203/2936-88-2-2
Search Engines and Related Open Tools for Establishing a Term Base
Cristian Lakó, lako.pdf 488k, DOI: 10.15203/2936-88-2-3
Openness in Computing: The Case of Linux for Translators
Peter Sandrini, opencomp.pdf 290k, DOI: 10.15203/2936-88-2-4
A Quality Model for the Evaluation of Open Translation Technologies
Silvia Flórez, Amparo Alcina, alcinaflores.pdf 533k, DOI: 10.15203/2936-88-2-5
Usability of Free and Open-Source Tools for Translator Training: Omegat and Bitext2tmx
María Teresa Veiga Díaz, Marta García González, DOI: 10.15203/2936-88-2-6 veigadiazgarciagonzalez.pdf 331k,
Optimizing Process-Oriented Translator Training using freeware and FOSS screen recording applications                  
Erik Angelone, angelone.pdf 304k, DOI: 10.15203/2936-88-2-7
Openness in Translators Training: a Case Study
Adrià Martín-Mor, Ramon Piqué i Huerta, Pilar Sánchez-Gijón, tradumatica.pdf 132k, DOI: 10.15203/2936-88-2-8
To be or not to be a Scientist 2.0? Open access in translatology: A German Case Study
Marco Agnetta, agnetta.pdf 253k, DOI: 10.15203/2936-88-2-9
Digital Scholarship in Translation Studies: a Plea for Openness
Peter Sandrini, digscholar.pdf 230k, DOI: 10.15203/2936-88-2-10
Further Literature and Useful Readings
get the references: refs.pdf 138k,
Notes on Contributors
contributors.pdf 60k